How to Build A Bouquet

How to Build A Bouquet

When giving flowers as a gift, it is typically an expression of emotion – congratulations, sympathy, support, celebration. Flowers are unique and we love being able to create Flower Bar experiences here in San Diego that allow guests to create the bouquet that represents them and the emotion they want to convey. 

For each event, whether it’s a class, pop-up or private party, we encourage you to follow the same steps to achieve the perfect bouquet. This framework allows our guests to choose their own stems, all while creating a beautiful arrangement! 

Step 1 - choose your vase

For larger arrangements, we use square vases because they are cohesive with any shaped bouquet you’d like to make. Inside the vase, we use floral foam which serves as both a water source and an anchor for your stems. 

For more casual, smaller arrangements, we love using unique vases that you can find around your home, like mason jars or beautiful pitchers. 


Step 2 - arrange your greens

It feels counterintuitive to start with your greenery, but the greens are what determine the shape of the bouquet so it’s the perfect way to create a base for the flowers you add in later. We recommend at least 2-3 different varieties of greens that have different textures to create interest in the arrangement. You can purchase greenery at your local flower shop or forage it in your yard - you’ll be amazed at what you can find! 



Step 3 - place your focal and accent flowers

We encourage placing the focals and accents together because together, they are what will create the color palette of your arrangement. Focal flowers are the ones you want to highlight. They should be central & spread out to create symmetry in your arrangement. Accents add character to your bouquet. They are the pops of color, the small details & final touches, all at the same time. 

Our eyes are naturally drawn to things in groups of three, so we recommend placing your first focal flower, then two accent flowers around it. Then place your next focal flower and repeat. Don’t forget to continue turning your vase so the arrangement can be admired from all angles.

Step 4 - add some fillers

Baby’s breath and wax flowers are two of the most common types of filler flowers. They are used to fill in the spots in your bouquet that are too small for a large bloom, but still need a little something extra. Cut smaller sections of the stem to fill in the rest of the bouquet. 



Step 5 - show those stunners off!

Now it’s time to find the perfect display for your bouquet! Be sure to check out our blog post on floral care tips for ideas on keeping your bouquet fresh! 

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