Featured Winery: Equality Vines

Featured Winery: Equality Vines

Each month we feature an incredible small-batch winery and this month we are so excited to feature Equality Vines out of Sonoma.

About Equality Vines

Founders Matt Grove and Jim Obergefell have a unique background - Matt was the founder of Dakota Beef, the USA’s first certified organic beef company in 2001. After leaving the company, he wanted to focus his passions in the wine world and was inspired by his Aunt Marilyn, a pioneer in the fight for equal pay for women fight, to tell the stories of underrepresented organizations through the power of wine. He knew he wanted to focus on LGBTQ causes and partnered up with Jim Obergefell, the named plaintiff from the landmark US Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage as a constitutional right. 

Together, they have created a wine brand that not only highlights incredible wine makers, but also raises funds for nonprofit organizations through the sale of each bottle. Matt will be joining us for our pick up party to share the story behind each bottle and the winemakers who bring them to life.

This month, we'll be highlighting the Love Wins Blanc de Blanc.  The Love Wins Blanc de Blanc celebrates love in all it's forms. Proceeds from each bottle are donated to the Family Equality Foundation, supporting LGBTQ+ families in their path to parenthood. You can learn more here.

Featured White:
Love Wins Blanc de Blanc
Alcohol: 13%

92% Chardonnay, 8% Pinot Blanc. Light, crisp, light notes of stone fruit, dry to the finish.

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