About Us

We believe that flowers are the ultimate expression of emotion and wine is a powerful way to bring people together. Our goal is to combine the two in a social, approachable way that encourages expression, creativity and connection. 

Flowers and wine are a universal love language. 

We know from personal experience the tranquility that comes with arranging a personal bouquet. Many nights were spent at the kitchen table, glass of wine in hand, unwinding with a store-bought bouquet and kitchen scissors to assemble the stems in a vase. The arrangement provided a bright spot in our home, however, a lack of personalization and a small budget quickly became a frustrating combination. Flower shops felt intimidating and wine shops even more so, leading us to look at both industries with a fresh perspective with a goal to combine them into a cohesive experience that is approachable for everyone. 

Creative expression should be personal, unique and accessible

Today, we create opportunities for creativity to be set free. We host classes that provide the tools, basic flower theory, tasting notes and a supportive environment for you to create a meaningful arrangement with friends, new and old. We bring full flower bars to local markets to allow you to pick your own stems for a custom arrangement, all for one set price so there is no guessing involved. We believe that personal gifts and something made from the heart are the ultimate tools for expression and we’re here to help you do that.

Be Authentic. Be Creative. Be Bold. 

At Cork & Stem, we want you to know you always have a place here. Whether it’s through monthly newsletters, social media interactions or personal conversations at events, we want to share our journey with you. One day, we hope to have a storefront where we can invite you in, pour you a drink and build a bouquet alongside you. For now, we look forward to each interaction at events across Southern California and can’t wait to see what you create next!