Featured Winery: Birdhorse Wines

Featured Winery: Birdhorse Wines

Each month we feature an incredible small-batch winery and this month we are so excited to feature Birdhorse Wines out of Northern California.

About Birdhorse Wines

Partners in both life and winemaking, Katie and Corrine met while getting their MS in Viticulture at UC Davis and traveled abroad to different winemaking regions to hone their craft together. They “strive to showcase regions, varietals, and humans that have long had a presence in this industry, but have yet to been celebrated by many of its constituents.” Corinne & Katie source their grapes from vineyards utilizing sustainable, organic practices and aim to utilize minimal intervention winemaking techniques to create wines that are balanced, elegant and unique—a true testament to the skill and talent of the two women that make them.


While they aren’t creating their own wines, they are each winemakers for 2 Sonoma wineries.

This month, we'll be highlighting two of their wines - the 2023 Vermentino and the 2023 Heliotrope Red Blend.

Featured White:
2023 Vermentino
Alcohol: 12.5%

100% Vermentino grapes that are organically grown and sustainably produced. This wine has notes of citrus with lots of fruit and brightness.

Featured Red:
2023 Heliotrope
Alcohol: 12.5%

A red blend of primarily Cinsault grapes that is juicy with hints of cherry and rhubarb. Birdhorse Wines donates 100% of the proceeds of each bottle to the Tegan and Sara Foundation, aiming to fund programs for LGBTQ+ summer campership programs. Check out www.birdhorsewines.com and www.teganandsarafoundation.org to learn more about the incredible work they’re doing to support LGBTQ+ youth in finding the community, belonging and connection they deserve.



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