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Somm Series: White Wines of Portugal

Somm Series: White Wines of Portugal

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July 10, 2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Join us for Somm Series at Cork & Stem! 

The Somm Series is a monthly workshop-style event to demystify the world of wine and make it fun, approachable and accessible to all levels of wine drinkers. Whether you're a certified sommelier yourself or you simply love a good porch pounder, this event is a great way to network with fellow wine lovers and learn more about different topics in the wine world. 

This month's workshop focuses on the the Vinho Verde, a lesser-known wine region in the heart of Portugal! Husband and Husband team, Leigh and Justin, of The Vinho will be guiding us through some of their summer favorites and sharing about this incredible region they have come to love.  Tickets include a 5-pour wine flight and a 1-hour presentation by Leigh and Justin. Read more about The Vinho below!

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Meet the Somm

Husband and Husband team Leigh and Justin found themselves "stuck" in Europe during the pandemic and were introduced to Vinho Verde wines. They instantly fell in love with the light, crisp taste and refreshing spritz and when they got back to the States, they realized it wasn't readily available. In 2022 they took the plunge to start their own importing business, focusing on wines that are true Vinho Verdes - made artisanally, from small-family run producers, that are low-intervention and have sustainable-farming practices. But maybe more importantly, they all have a story to tell and are made with love! Today, they are on a mission to intertwine their passion for Portuguese wine with our commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and focus on highlighting producers with values that align with their own. They love introducing people to the Vinho Verde region and getting people back into real, "better for you" wine & away from mass produced plonk!

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